Summer and Chinese Medicine

Summer is ruled by the fire element. It is the season of YANG, the hot and fiery culmination of the sprouting and growth that has preceded it in the spring.  It is a time for expression, growth, creativity and  living life to its fullest.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the fire element is associated with the heart, the seat of the mind, and its highest expression of love. When balanced we feel a sense of enthusiasm, connection with self, nature and others around us, harmony of mind, body and spirit,  energized during the day and restful at night.
SEASON: Summer
YANG ORGAN: Small Intestine
TASTE: Bitter
"With the fire element in balance, the heart is strong and healthy, the mind is calm and sleep is sound."
When the fire element is imbalanced, we may feel agitation, a lack of joy or an extreme excess of it, nervousness or anxiousness, exhaustion, poor sleep/insomnia, heartburn, flushed face or excessive sweating. This is mainly necausethe heart governs the blood circulation, and excess heat in the heart can disrupt the mind.
Cooling Summer Foods

Easy ways to embrace balance during Summer & The fire element:

  • Get up Earlier
  • Go to Bed Later
  • Drink plenty of fluids (avoid overly cold drinks)
  • Add pungent flavours like herbs & fragrant spices
  • Avoid Greasy Food - Eat lightly and avoid over consumption
  • Introduce Cooling Yin Foods. Think green! Cooling foods tend towards the green side
  • Stay Physically Active and engaged with your surroundings. Hello outdoor activities!
  • Be mindful not to confuse activity with nervous behaviour like FOMO (fear of missing out)



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