Acupuncture care in Kamloops

Every fertility journey is unique, and we are here to support you and your partner with personalized Acupuncture treatment plans. Whether you need a little help or more extensive support, we offer a range of strategies tailored to your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and previous testing. Acupuncture can address hormonal imbalances, irregular cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, anxiety, depression, stress, autoimmunity, and sperm quality and quantity.


Typically, we suggest 2-3 months of acupuncture treatments to support your fertility journey. For those with hormonal imbalances, booking your initial appointment on or close to the first day of your period is recommended.



Pre/Postnatal Acupuncture

From early pregnancy to postpartum, our customized acupuncture treatments can alleviate symptoms and make your pregnancy more comfortable. In the first trimester, acupuncture can manage nausea, constipation, heartburn, and improve sleep and energy levels. During the second trimester, it can relieve back pain, headaches, stress, sciatica, and more. In the third trimester, acupuncture can help position the baby, prepare the cervix, reduce labor pain, and ease anxiety. After childbirth, it aids milk production, recovery, hormonal balance, and energy levels. We also offer partner sessions to teach acupressure points for labor, enhancing the birthing experience.

Acupuncture is a safe, non-invasive method of treatment for moms to be in any stage of pregnancy.


First Trimester

Acupuncture may assist in managing nausea and vomiting, alleviating constipation, heartburn, and bloating. It can improve sleep quality and increase energy levels. It is recommended to come in for acupuncture if you are experiencing any unwanted symptoms related to your pregnancy.

Second Trimester

Acupuncture may assist in managing common pregnancy symptoms during the second trimester such as back pain, headaches, hip pain, stress, pelvic pain, indigestion, sciatica, constipation, insomnia, itching, oedema, and hypertension. Acupuncture treatments are suggested to be every 4 weeks during this time, providing you are having a pregnancy with no ongoing symptoms.

Third Trimester

Acupuncture may assist the baby to move into optimal position, prepare the cervix, reduce the severity of pain and the duration of labour, and minimize the need for drugs. Acupuncture can also assist to ease any stress or anxiety in the weeks leading up to labour. Weekly treatments from week 36 to 40 are suggested for optimal results.

Acupuncture protocols can also be used in cases of breech baby and for labour inductions if the baby is overdue.

After Baby is Born

Acupuncture may assist milk production, relieve mastitis, speed up recovery time, regulate hormonal fluctuations, ease postnatal depression and anxiety, aid healing of caesarean scars, ease back pain, alleviate constipation, and increase energy levels.


Acupuncture for IVF and IUI

Acupuncture supports IVF and IUI procedures by addressing underlying imbalances. For IVF, we recommend starting treatments 2-3 months before the procedure to regulate your cycle. Treatment sessions are scheduled for the initial consultation, between trigger and egg collection, post-egg collection, pre and post-embryo transfer, and around the time of implantation. For IUI, treatments occur during menstruation, post-menstruation, pre and post-IUI, and around implantation.

Optional weekly treatments can continue until pregnancy is confirmed, especially for those with a history of miscarriage or early pregnancy complications.

Suggested IVF Treatment Schedule

1. Initial Treatment (Session 1):

  • Personalized consultation and treatment to prepare the body for IVF.
  • Ideally scheduled based on menstrual cycle timing and readiness.

2. Between Trigger and Egg Collection (Session 2):

  • Occurs during the window after trigger injection and before egg collection.
  • Aimed at optimizing ovary readiness and follicle development.

3. Post Egg Collection (Session 3):

  • Treatment immediately following egg retrieval.
  • Focuses on abdominal healing and preparation for embryo transfer.

4. Pre and Post Embryo Transfer (Session 4):

  • Session before and immediately after embryo transfer into the uterus.
  • Helps relax the patient and support embryo implantation.

5. Implantation Treatment (Session 5):

  • Done 4-8 days after embryo transfer.
  • Supports embryo implantation and early pregnancy support.

6. Optional: Maintenance Treatments

  • Weekly treatments until pregnancy is confirmed and throughout the first trimester.
  • Aimed at supporting pregnancy, especially for those with history of miscarriage.

Suggested IUI Treatment Schedule

1. During Menstruation (Session 1):

  • Treatment during menstruation to promote a full bleed for a fresh endometrial lining.

2. 2-4 Days After Menstruation (Session 2):

  • Stimulates healthy follicle and endometrium development.

3. Pre and Post IUI (Session 3):

  • Sessions before and after the IUI procedure.
  • Helps relax the patient and supports circulation to the uterus.

4. Implantation Treatment (Session 4):

  • Done 4-8 days after the IUI procedure.
  • Supports progesterone levels and encourages implantation.

5. Optional: Maintenance Treatments

  • Weekly treatments until pregnancy is confirmed and throughout the first trimester.
  • Aimed at supporting pregnancy, especially for those with history of miscarriage.

This schedule provides a structured approach to ensure that each treatment session complements the fertility treatment phase effectively.

Take the first step towards getting support during your pregnancy by booking in with one of our acupuncturists in Kamloops. She can assess your situation, develop a tailored treatment plan, and guide you on your fertility journey.

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