Acupuncture Chinese Medicine

I get this question almost daily, in the clinic.  I’d like to take this time to share an in-depth and thorough answer to this continual burning, question.  I hope it brings some deeper insight into the complexities of this beautiful and complex medicine an Acupuncturist performs.

Acupuncture meridians are a regulatory system in the body that has to do with electromagnetic currents and electromagnetic organization of tissue growth and repair.  This has a lot to do with how the body heals when there’s an injury.

When a tissue is traumatized, there’s actually a depolarization that occurs. The process of restoring the electromagnetic field and current to normal, encourages tissue repair.

Acupuncture works on subtle energy fields and currents, while influencing hormonal secretions. Hormonal changes in the blood and circulatory changes are measurable.  Acupuncture affects microcirculation.  The vascular beds that surround every organ and tissue are impacted immediately by acupuncture.  It changes the pulsatory activity of capillaries, common effects of erythema (redness) appear around the needle indicating increased vascularity at the Acupoints.  This increased vascularization is also taking place in deeper tissues and organs.

Acupuncture influences the circulation of Qi.  Pain is the result of Qi blockage. Circulation of important biochemicals allows nourishment of the tissues, and provides the proper medium for the elimination of metabolic wastes.  When the circulatory system isn’t functioning properly, two things happen: there isn’t nourishment and there isn’t the elimination of metabolic wastes.

The Organs are called “networks” because they are functional physiological and psychological domains, not only anatomical structures.  Acupuncture points along these networks stimulate the release of endorphins, our body's natural pain killers.  Acupuncture theory integrates all the layers of our being, our invisible subtle bodies, with our wholly palpable physical selves. The outcome is a sense of inner alignment that people deeply crave.  The experience of feeling connected is pleasurable, and our ability to deepen that feeling keeps people coming back for more.

My hope is that you know the importance of maintaining this delicate balance in your body, and consider maintenance treatments with Acupuncture. 

Your body will thank you, and your mind and spirit will appreciate the rest and renewal received.