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As yang (summer) transitions to yin (winter) the space in between (fall) is an important time to nourish our mind, body, and spirit for the winter ahead and prep our immune systems. Traditional Chinese Medicine has always claimed that we are a part of nature and not separate from it. So, as nature transitions from yang into yin, we too should adjust our diet and lifestyle to better be apart of this change in our external and internal environments.  


"Traditional Chinese Medicine has always claimed that we are a part of nature and not separate from it."


 Eating a diet of warm, cooked root vegetables that are easily digestible such as yams, carrots, potato, and ginger can strengthen our digestive system thus strengthening our bodies to prepare for the change in season. Eating foods that are white in colour such as pears, turnips, and radish can support our lung qi to help our bodies fight off infections.



I want to share this recipe from Dao Labs for a delicious fall soup to help our bodies through this seasonal transition time  



Our Tips & Tricks for staying Healthy: 


1. Astragalus Tincture

Astragalus is a powerful lung qi tonic in Chinese Medicine, and is known to to anti-viral, antibacterial, and immune-booting properties. You can pick up a tincture at any local health food store or order it online. It is best to be taken 2-3 weeks prior to cold/flu season to ensure the immune system is strong.


2. Acupressure for Immunity:

see our illustrations below of the locations of acupoints that you can use as immune boosters prior to flu season or for when you are acutely sick. Tap or massage each point for 10 seconds with strong pressure for a total treatment duration of 5 to 10 minutes




3. Scallion Bulb Tea if you do get sick:

This is an age old Traditional Chinese Medicine trick, and seems too good to be true but trust me, it works!


4 whole scallion bulbs chopped and steeped in a large cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Drink the tea while wrapping yourself in blankets or in a bath. The main goal is to initiate sweating. Let yourself sweat for 10+ minutes until you finish the whole cup of tea. This method helps to raise the internal body temperature fighting off any pathogens on the first 1-2 days of infection. If it has been longer than 1-2 days after your infection, other immune system boosting herbs would be more effective as this only works at the beginning stage of infection.


4. Get Regular Acupuncture

Acupuncture works as a nervous system regulator. Often times, it has taken a long time for the body to create a pattern of disharmony that leads to disease. You may need to go for several treatments to resolve the issue at hand, and often the amount of treatments a person will need varies depending on what we're working on. We always recommend regular acupuncture treatments, and here's why: 
Think of your acupuncture treatment as adding a coin to an imbalanced scale - each time you add the coin, the scale becomes closer and closer to balance until the issue is resolved and you are free from discomfort. This balance can remain for several days, months, or years...until something happens. Often times, the scale will be set off balance by diet, lifestyle, emotions, or external circumstances out of our control such as injury or infection. 
Your acupuncturist is trained in identifying minor imbalances in the body that can be corrected with acupuncture. Our bodies aren't always perfectly in balance, and sometimes we need a little help re-balancing the scale or preventing it from disruption. This is why we always suggest to come in for regular treatments - once every 4-6 weeks is a great maintenance schedule if you are feeling healthy.


Updates from the Clinic


Natalie Klimmer will be joining us again this year at the Sun Peaks Clinic offering remedial, deep tissue, and relaxation massage. She will be working Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 2-6. With over 15 years experience in massage, and her lovely energy, we are SO excited to have her back for another ski season.


Emma Hull will be joining us this year at the Sun Peaks and Kamloops Clinic part time offering Reiki. We are so thrilled to have her on board. With her background as a reiki master, life coach, yoga instructor, and retreat leader, she is the perfect match for Vital Point. She will be opening up appointments mid November. 


Acupressure workshop: 

Saturday, November 5th at Oxygen Yoga Kamloops. There is still space available! Sign up for our acupressure retreat led by Kristina Adams, R.Ac. 

Topics covered will be:

  • acupressure for digestive ailments
  • migraines
  • headaches
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • boosting the immune system.

Cost is $75 plus GST and you can register online here.


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