Jennifer…skilled healer, inspirational, caring, adventurous, rare, inherently good; the world is her healing ground and she seeks to educate herself and others as she explores its glory. During a treatment it feels like the world is also getting in on it.  Jennifer’s expertise has helped my body tremendously. -ML

“[Jennifer Larsen] You are a very gifted healer with a lot of compassion and I know you will do well wherever you go. You have a very positive energy. Thank you for the wonderful treatment.”- Y.V.

Acupuncture doesn’t just heal the body, but also the soul! Thank you Jennifer Larsen. -J.L.

Jenn Larsen is not just a skilled and intuitive healer – she is kind, intuitive, inspirational, warm, friendly, non-judgmental, funny, generous, insightful … and is a beautiful woman (inside and out) who contributes positively in whatever area she is working at or participating in. She is just plain wonderful – and as a patient who has benefited from her gentle hands – I thoroughly recommend her.
-Lisa Puharich, BA Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor


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