Introducing Harmonic AcuSound Meditation: A whole new level of bliss!

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Harmonic AcuSound? What exactly is it?

I have always felt that music is a fast-track to my soul. If I’m feeling depleted, a little music fills me up, puts a spring back in my step, and brings me back to my true self. I also spend an inordinate amount of time clearing my chakras (the seven centers of spiritual power within our bodies) with yoga and meditation so my interest was instantly peaked when my Acupuncturist and Soul Sista, Jen, told me about this new kind of group healing meditation she has been developing with her friend, Therese.

It’s kind of a half therapy/half meditation concept they call Harmonic AcuSound and its purpose is to balance both the qi (life energy) and chakras in our bodies by combining the therapeutic effects of acupuncture (or acupressure if you’re not keen on needles) and music produced by tuning forks and crystal bowls.It’s a completely soul-soothing, body-nourishing, mind-blowing experience and you just have to try it! They also schedule their sessions around the Full and New Moon each month to tap into the extra energy associated with the moon’s cycles.

Here’s what a typical session looks like:

The treatment lasts an hour and a half and goes through the following sequence:

1) Everyone arrives, finds a comfortable position in a chair or laying on the floor, and Jen goes around to each person to insert acupuncture needles (or acupressure seeds, if you prefer the non-needle method) into strategic ear points. She uses these easily accessible ear points because they can influence the entire body, and also allow for a group setting where everyone can experience the healing energy together – sort of a “strength in numbers” idea. Jen places acupuncture needles (or acupressure seeds) in the points that relax the Sympathetic Nervous System (this is your “Fight or Flight” system) and the Shen Men point (aka the point that connects us with our higher self, or the Spirit Gate).

2) Once everyone is set up, Therese introduces each Chakra before she begins playing the bowls and Jen then walks around to each person, applying the tuning forks to the body acupuncture points that correspond to each chakra. They repeat this therapy for each chakra until they have moved through all of them. All you have to do is lay back with your eyes closed and let the sounds wash over and through you.

4) Once all the chakras have been balanced, the session is finished and they bring everyone back from their happy places and discuss what people experienced and how they are feeling.

Here are a few killer raves from session participants:

K.C. from Kamloops says:
“I learned about it from a friend who was telling another person about it. On a total whim, I actually called to put my name on the list. There I was, the next night, laying on the floor (the floor was my choice). I can honestly say from my first experience that it changed my life.
I had never done acupuncture before. I had never heard the bowls together before. I was doing something totally new. I was doing it by myself for myself! (This is huge for me.) With my intention in my mind, I was ready!
The sound was amazing. Some sounds were light while others were so full it filled every part of me. My whole body mind and soul. I definitely felt some different things in different parts of my body and, once Therese explained different Chakras are connected to parts of the body, things started to make sense.
For the first time in a very very long time, I felt a calm and almost relief in myself. I left feeling refreshed and happy. I was able to let go of some very serious negative energy for the first time ever. The AcuSound combo really clicked something inside me.
I still feel lifted from that first AcuSound. I mean, life chips away at me, but I don’t feel that weight like I did before. I feel like each time I go I get my Chakras tidied up and I get to go a little deeper into things and I come out fresh. I try to go as often as I can.”

And J.W. from Kamloops says:
“I heard about AcuSound through a girlfriend of mine–she is the one that brought me for the first time. It was an amazing first-time experience! I have never had acupuncture and didn’t know what to expect. It was pure bliss! Any discomfort I had in my body was gone. I have never been so relaxed. I felt very peaceful and blissful, till I got home and was bombarded by my family. I will most definitely be going again. I loved every minute of my experience.”

Jen and Therese are booking a month in advance now, but are also available to do private sessions in your home, where you can invite up to 15 people and experience a little soul healing together.

If you are interested in getting your bliss on and want to book a spot at the next available AcuSound session or a private session, please contact Jen at Vital Point Acupuncture: (250) 376-3070 or email her at

Jen Larsen (a Registered Acupuncturist for more than a decade and the owner of Vital Point Acupuncture in Kamloops, BC) is not only a gentle and gifted Acupuncturist but also a Registered Yoga Teacher and intuitive healer who uses all sorts of holistic methods to treat her patients– Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Acutonics, Moxa, Cupping, shamanic practices and other healing techniques. She has a knack for feeling you out, assessing what you need and following her intuition to treat it. For more information or to get in touch with Jen, you can check out her website at , her Facebook page at or her Instagram at vitalpointacupuncture.

Therese Laforge is a life long student of sound as a science and art. She explores sound modalities for efficient release, re-balancing, and regeneration. She is a sound coach and the keeper of many crystal bowls. Therese facilitates sound meditations at the Full and New Moons throughout the province. You can find her at

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