Cupping is the new black!

Cupping is the new black. It’s true…in the holistic healing world, anyway.

Technically, it was invented thousands of years ago by the Egyptians- circa 1500 BCE (formerly BC) – but the current pop culture has given A-list celebs and athletes the opportunity to plug the virtues of Cupping to the world. Athletes often use it to loosen up sore muscles and help heal injuries and celebrities use it for all sorts of ailments.

Although we don’t see a lot of big wig celebs coming through our clinic, we definitely get a lot of local patients for this kind of treatment.

So what exactly IS Cupping?

cupping. ladies hands holding traditional chinese medicine cups and burning flame

It is a form of Acupuncture focused on circulation where small glass cups are heated with a naked flame and quickly applied to the skin, creating a vacuum that draws the skin into the cup.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, just feels like there is a giant suction cup applied to your skin.

Oriental medicine states that pain or stress is due to stagnation of bodily processes and Cupping treatment stimulates the flow of blood, lymph, and energy (Qi) to the affected areas. This stimulated increase in the flow of qi can loosen up stiff or sore muscles, chill out your nervous system (lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and arthritis) and help with a whole host of other issues.

Cupping is also very effective when used as a detoxification treatment for common cold symptoms. Instead of just leaving the cups in place, the practitioner applies oil to the back first and then slides the cups all over the back to pull those nasty germs out.

Cupping. Lady applying cups for TCM cupping treatment

So, are the resulting giant hickey-like marks on your skin worth it? Well, you may not want to let mom see your skin afterward (it might be a bit awkward to explain and you may have to do some fast talking) but the resulting marks are nothing compared to how much better you’ll feel after a treatment. After all, how can thousands of years of Cupping treatments and celebrity athletes like Michael Phelps be wrong?

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